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6 August 2019

5 Questions You Need To Ask To Set Personal Boundaries Like a Queen

Everywhere we turn somebody is crossing our boundaries and depleting our energy. Most of the time we are not aware they have done it until after the fact and then we get frustrated, angry or are just left feeling drained and horrible.But we don't have to be left feeling this way if we take the time to ask ourselves these 5 simple questions...

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14 March 2019

Start With One Thread

Today I was reminded that telling stories isn't always straightforward. I know this, of course, but when working with others I can clearly see how each segue fits into this space there and how THAT moment is the key to your entire story, and what are you trying very hard NOT to say there?

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22 February 2019

A constant journey of personal growth

Here's the thing. To be able to help you find, express and share the moments and experiences that have shaped your life, I need to be continually finding my own moments, my own stories and expressing and sharing these into the world as well.

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15 February 2019

All I See Is Strength

I was thinking about all the remarkable people who have confided in me and trusted me to hear their stories. And I get a little overwhelmed with emotion by it all. So many heart-wrenching stories....

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