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6 November 2019

Extraordinary Women Interview Series: The Story Behind MellyS

In this interview with Donna for her Extraordinary Women series I got to dive deep into what it was like as a deeply sensitive child and how hard it was to understand my emotions. We look at some of the very bad coping mechanisms I had created to deal with this sensitivity and how common these actually are amongst woman today. We also look at how I overcame these later in my life with my 3 key pillars of Courage, Self-Awareness and Radical Self-Love and the key reason why I do this work.

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29 October 2019

Why is being deeply sensitive so exhausting?

Why do deeply sensitive people feel exhausted all the time? Why are we constantly drained of energy? Look we can blame the fact that society has never given us the support or tools to handle this sensitive nature of ours OR we can take responsibility for it....

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Are you struggling to Stand Up & Speak Up about your purpose in life or business?

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