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Just Show Up

Once upon a time, business went like this. Your client said, "I need something. "Who has what I need?" They're no longer doing that. The internet has made it so much easier for them to find who they need.


How to get started with videography

How to get started with videography for your business? I get it, it can seem daunting. Starting out with videography can seem like this huge thing, like there's so much you need to learn. How do you get started?


The Secret Ingredient to Your Videos

So what's the secret ingredient to using videos in your business? I know there's gotta be a secret, there's got to be something which makes one video stand out more than the other. There's gotta be one thing that works so much better than anything else.


The Secret to Growing Your Biz with Videos

So what's the secret to growing your business using video? I know, I know, you're thinking, there has to be a secret, there has to be a secret formula or some secret strategy that you don't know which is going to help you grow your business using video.


How do you turn a conversation into a blog?

Somehow I managed to successfully turn a conversation I had with an amazing lady into a submission for the very first edition of badassery Unleashed magazine. I wanted to repeat what I did so I've been dissecting my article and figuring out how to turn


Why Stories

Why share our stories? What is story telling? What the hell does it have to do with business? All that and more coming right up.


Your clients are looking for you

In an world that is constantly bombarding us with fake stories, scams and photoshopped images, our buyers are becoming more and more conscious of the ‘fake’ or inauthentic nature to business in general and are deliberately seeking out the real. Can they find you?


The Most Powerful Tool in Your Advertising Arsenal

Testimonials are one of the most powerful tools you can have in your advertising arsenal because nothing sells your services/product better than a raving customer. However with so many ‘fake’ testimonials online, how do you truly convince your people that your testimonials are real and that you are indeed a credible business?



In this free 5 Day Challenge, you will discover for yourself the things that are holding you back from sharing your stories in the world and take the first steps to finding your own courage to overcome this.