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“Something happens to a woman when she embraces the full potential of who she is. She becomes a beacon to the possibilities of life, a SORCERESS, attracting everything she wants to her… as if by magic.” – MellyS


Being a confident woman, boldly walking through life in the direction of your dreams, doesn’t just happen.

  • It takes self-awareness and a new perspective to truly go deep into understanding who you are.
  • It comes from learning to radically love all of who you are including the people, situations and events that have shaped you.
  • It evolves from the courage to face all that is standing in your way from being who you know you are meant to be.


1:1 Support | 11 Weeks | Life Purpose Astrology Pre-Session | Weekly 90 Minute Online Sessions | Weekday Online Support | Signed First Edition Stages of Self Paperback | All access pass to Personal Development Short Courses | $1100AUD (payment plans available)

Over our 11 weeks together, we will explore who you are, where you are stuck in life and the steps required to move forward with a combination of Tarot, Astrology and Intuitive Life Mentoring.

We will measure and assess your progress using the unique Stages of Self methodology so you can visually see the impact this program has on/in your life.

However, unlike other coaching/mentoring programs, how our time plays out is entirely up to YOU. These are your steps towards your magic. This is your life. So it should be played out in YOUR way. This means YOU (and your intuition) get to set the order in which we cover the following topics:

  • Life Purpose Astrology Pre-session
  • Contribution/Impact
  • Employment/Career
  • Business (optional)
  • Money/Finances
  • Partners/Romance
  • Social Life/Friends
  • Ancestry/Family
  • Health
  • Understanding Mindset/Personal Growth
  • Spiritual Sorceress
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So if you are you ready to step up and own your life. No more holding back. No more unseen challenges. No more shying away from the magnitude of your power. Just pure magic, in every element of your life, as the Sorceress you were always meant to be…

Then it’s time to find out if the Sorceress program is the right next step for you.