It’s time to live your life
in your own magical way




Ready to learn how to make the next chapter of your life ‘flow’ easily and effortlessly without self-doubt and confusion getting in the way (and in just one email per week)?


Ever have one of those days where everything just goes right for you?

First, your kids call just to say hello without any problems to be fixed.
Then someone pays-it-forward and YOUR coffee is free.
The meeting you really didn’t want to go-to at work? Yup! That was just canceled.
Oh and that client you’ve been waiting on? They just paid in full AND have referred another 3 people who are all eagerly contacting you asking when they can start.

You end up spending your whole day dancing through life, with a huge grin on your face, as your heart overflows in the joy of the world that surrounds you.

But somewhere, in the back of your mind, there is a voice that goes, “This has to end sometime”. There is a part of you that doubts this almost ‘magical’ day will ever happen again.

But what if it could?
And simply because you WANT it to?
What if you could live every day dancing through life just like this?

You see…

I have something that can help you become a magnetically powerful woman, attracting everything you want to live life on your terms… as if by magic.

Something that can take you out of those ‘WTF am I doing with my life?’ moments to consistently better outcomes, more creativity and faster results in every area of life.

You can ignite your inner power and create more health, wealth, and magical moments, in as little as 11 weeks, and for no other reason than you deserve to make the next chapter of your life magical.


Here is what you get when you invest in Sorceress:

  • Weekly 1:1 private Intuitive Tarot Reading sessions to help you gain the self-awareness and self love required so you can move forward easily in the flow of your magic
  • Access to daily voice support so you have a sympathetic ear to help you process what is happening and to cheer you on towards your vision of magic
  • Sorceress Journal to help you remove any lingering internal limitations and empower you to take courageous action TODAY

This is not a one-sized fits all program but rather a highly personalised journey that helps you see the possibilities of your own powerfully magical life.

You really can…

  • gain massive momentum by your definition of success and happiness in under 11 weeks
  • measure and assess your ‘power’ levels with the exclusive Stages of Self Methodology
  • go on a personalised journey that genuinely empowers you without the need for mindless ‘good vibe’ mantras

But this isn’t for everyone….

So if you are happy in your 9 – 5 life and think that intuition and tarot is just woo-woo nonsense, and you would rather spend your days complaining with your friends, then Sorceress is definitely NOT for you. However..

If you are…

  • committed to your personal growth because you are determined to create a better future for yourself and your family
  • ready to stop listening to all those generic mindset mantras and listen to someone who can help you in a deeply feminine way that works specifically for you
  • curious as to what your life could look and feel like when you are in your most empowered self

Then it’s time to spend 90 minutes a week on yourself, end the emotional cycles that are no longer empowering you and step into your most powerful self with the use of the exclusive Stages of Self Methodology.

Oh but your thoughts are churning…

“Can I really live EVERY day like that?”

“Will this really work for me?”

“Can it really be done in just 90 minutes a week?”

I understand your hesitation. Gaining control of your life can feel a bit daunting, especially when those feelings of self-doubt, confusion, and overwhelm dig deep. But I promise you, in just 11 weeks, you will be gently activated to stand tall and proud in your own personal power as the Sorceress you were born to be. But don’t just take my word for it. Here is what the other Sorceress have said:

I know. I know. Why should you listen to me?

Why listen to this unknown woman who has one too many cats, talks to her plants and is obsessed with finding a deeper pattern to the cycles in our lives?

Well in 2018, after spending so long forever hustling towards my goals and dreams, I found myself burned out, depressed, and grieving when a health crisis knocked me on my butt and put my entire life on hold for well over a year.

But my story is not all doom and gloom. In fact it was a blessing in disguise.

Because of this pause, I was gifted with a new perspective which gave me the courage to quit the old life I was living and start building a new one… from the inside out.

Just 12 months later, I was a truly confident, healthy, empowered woman dancing through life and watching as everything I had ever wanted just seemed to land magically in my lap.

  • My childhood dream of becoming a published author happened effortlessly as I attracted an amazing publisher who supported me every step of the way
  • That book cracked #1 Amazon Best-Seller in 2 categories within 48 hours of release
  • Developed, released and repeatedly sold my first Signature Life Mentoring Program without any advertising and working with the most amazing woman
  • Created a stable income for myself, doing what I love, without slipping back into those patterns of sacrificing health, wealth, sanity or relationships

And I wanted this for everyone!

With the knowledge of how amazing and magical life could be when you claim your self-empowerment, I became acutely aware of how many women were stuck in the struggle of their own lives, just as I had been.

So I jumped headfirst into the personal development fields with my own unique #1 Best-selling Stages of Self Methodology, to help spiritual women make the next chapter of their lives magical.

So you love details and want to know more?

No problemos! Here is what you can expect when you step into the Sorceress program:

  • Pre-Session: A thorough understanding of who you are, what you are here to do and why your life plays out in the cycles that it does
  • Create your own customised journey by selecting from the session options
  • Finale: Get a glimpse of who you are when standing strong in your most empowered self and why it is important FOR YOU to permanently live your life from this state

But it doesn’t end there…

You also get these amazing tools and support to ensure you truly step into your most empowered self.

  • Personalised Life Direction Assessment with an overview of your astrology and how to best use this information to support yourself as you wield your magic daily
  • Sorceress Journal including journal prompts and exercises to help you remove internal limitations and empower you to take courageous action
  • Access to daily voice support so you have a sympathetic ear to help you process what is happening and to cheer you on towards your fullest potential

So in short…

  • 11x Personalised Tarot Reading Sessions – Valued at $1650
  • Life Direction AssessmentValued at $155
  • Sorceress JournalValued at $55
  • BONUS: Daily Voice Support Valued at $385
  • Total Value: $2,245

(Or 3x monthly payments $444AUD)