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I’m not your standard entrepreneur…

Personal or business... it all starts with you.

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Hey I’m Melly

Like most people, I’ve spent much of my life contemplating the answers to life’s biggest questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? I also have this fire in my belly to get out into life, discover the answers and then share these with the world. This has led me to become a multi-talented, multi-passionate person, with a HUGE network of amazingly strong women and lots of stories to share… Hence being nicknamed The Story Collector.

~ Author ~ Speaker ~ Trainer ~ Mentor ~ Award Winning Photographer ~ Entrepreneur ~ Intuitive Tarot Reader ~ Creator 5 Stages of Self ~ Founder #courage1000project Global Platform ~ Host Darling You Are Magical Show Podcast & WebTV ~

What I really want you to know about me:

  • I am obsessed with finding deeper meaning and purpose to the patterns and cycles in our lives so we can utilize all of who we are and what we learn to make an impact in this world.
  • I believe introverted women are the most courageous of all because they THINK deeply and have usually LIVED through something life-changing which drives their passion and action.
  • I adore exploring the realms of intuition, psychology and mysticism and expressing this through poetry, writing and intuitive tarot reading.
  • My mission is to provide support, guidance and education to empower introverted women to find the courage and confidence to Stand Up, Speak Up & Be Heard in life and business.

Yes I can help women learn how to Stand Up, Speak Up & Be Heard in life and business, but not because I studied it…. because I lived it. It was through my own journey and my own insatiable need for answers that I discovered a unique ‘formula’ that every single person goes through in order to find, share and live their magic + purpose. It then became MY PURPOSE, to create ripples of change out in the world by sharing this formula with as many women as possible.

The women I work with get the answers and action they are seeking because I know how to step them through this formula, in an individual way….. But it starts with a first key step. First you must realise that….


And I am so honoured to have an amazing group of women who have all banded together to help each other discover that who they are is ‘magical’ and whom I lovely refer to as My Darlings.

We are vulnerably real.
We share what is going on in our lives.
We ask for support.
We give support (when it is asked for).
We laugh.
We cry.
We go a bit nutty around the full moon…
But our hearts and intentions are always pure.

It is a place for women who are discovering their magic and purpose in the world and are seeking a community of people who will help them on this journey.

And we would love for you to join us: