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Who is Melly Stewart?



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Hey I’m Melly Stewart

Like most people, I’ve spent much of my life contemplating the answers to life’s biggest questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? I also have this fire in my belly to get out into life, discover the answers, and share these with the world. This has led me to become a multi-talented, multi-passionate person, with a large network of strong, down-to-earth women, who want to see each other succeed.

~ Author of Stages of Self: Your Journey to Self-Empowerment ~ Speaker ~ Trainer ~ Facilitator ~ Mentor ~ Intuitive Tarot Reader ~ WebTV & Podcast ~ Creator Stages of Self Methodology ~ Founder #courage1000project Global Platform ~

What I really want you to know about me:

  • I am obsessed with finding deeper meaning and purpose to the patterns and cycles in our lives.
  • I believe the world will be changed for the better when woman un-learn who they were taught to be and take responsibility for who they were always meant to be
  • I adore exploring the realms of intuition, psychology, and mysticism and expressing this through poetry, writing, and intuitive tarot reading.
  • My mission is to provide education, community, and guidance to empower spiritually minded women who are ignoring their own needs due to the pressures of everyday life and business.

Yes, I can help women find confidence, direction, and create greater impact in life and business… but not because I studied it from a book.

Yes, I am able to teach, mentor and support these women with empathy, wisdom and strength…. but not because I was taught how.

I lived it.
I learned it.
I started showing others what I had done.

You see, it was through my own journey and my own insatiable need for answers that I discovered a unique ‘formula’, that every single woman goes through in order to find, share and live their magic + purpose.

I then realised it was MY PURPOSE, to help spiritually minded women get the results and actions they are seeking in life/business, while living my life as an example. It became my mission to show every woman that…


And I am so honored to have an amazing group of women who have all banded together to help each other develop the confidence to know they are ‘magical’, whom I lovely refer to as my #dyamladies.

We believe you can be spiritual without being ‘off this planet.’
We believe you can work on yourself without shaming your past.
We believe you can be supported by other women without being in competition with them.

It is a place for women who are busy working on themselves, for themselves, by themselves, and are ready to find the community to take their personal growth/business journey further.

And we would love for you to join us:Join us live every Monday 9am AEST for Weekly Energy Updates + Exclusive Community Offers + Free 1 Card Readings to give you the confidence to navigate the week ahead WITHOUT second guessing your magic.