Hey I’m Melly

But you may know me as MellyS The Story Collector because…



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Hey I’m Melly

Yup, I am THAT crazy lady who talks to her plants, rescues one too many cats, and can usually be found with pen and paper in hand. But most importantly, I am known as MellyS The Story Collector because I believe the fastest way to end the cycles of shame and guilt that are leaving women stuck, held back and dis-empowered is to normalize the emotional and intuitive cycles all women experience through the sharing of our stories.

~ Author of #1 Best-Selling Stages of Self: Your Journey to Self-Empowerment ~ Speaker ~ Trainer ~ Facilitator ~ Mentor ~ Intuitive Tarot Reader ~  Podcaster ~ Creator #stagesofself Methodology ~ Founder #courage1000project  ~

What I really want you to know about me:

  • I am obsessed with finding deeper meaning and purpose in the patterns and cycles of our lives
  • I believe the world will be changed for the better when woman learn to embrace the depth of their emotions instead of suppressing them
  • I adore exploring the realms of intuition, psychology, and mysticism and expressing this through poetry, writing, and intuitive tarot reading.
  • My mission is to provide education, community, and guidance to spiritual women so we normalize the emotional and intuitive cycles we experience and end the patterns of shame and guilt that are leaving us stuck, held back and dis-empowered

Yes. I can help women step into the next magical chapter of their lives without fear or self-doubt holding them back… but not because I studied it from a book.

Yes. I am able to teach, mentor and support these women with empathy, wisdom, and strength…. but not because I was taught how.

I lived it.
I learned it.
I earned it.

You see, it was through my own journey and my own insatiable need to create a positive impact in my daughter’s life that I discovered a unique ‘formula’, that every single woman goes through on their journey to feminine self-acceptance and empowerment.

It became my mission to share this formula with the world because I know, that in our future, there will be a society of women who are unashamed of who they are and stand together in their refusal to be held back from impacting the world for the better.

But most importantly…

I KNOW, deep down, that in order to bring this reality into being for ourselves, our children, our families, our clients, and indeed, the world… it all starts with us.

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