Hey I’m Melly

But you may know me as MellyS The Story Collector because…



Ready to learn how to make the next chapter of your life ‘flow’ easily and effortlessly without self-doubt and confusion getting in the way (and in just one email per week)?


Hey I’m Melly

Yup, I am THAT crazy lady who talks to her plants, dances with her cats, and can usually be found with her nose in a book. But most importantly, I am known as MellyS The Story Collector because I help women release the mind stories that are holding them back from making a positive impact in their own lives and others.

Little Miss Fluffington

~ Author of #1 Best-Selling Stages of Self: Your Journey to Self-Empowerment ~ Speaker ~ Trainer ~ Facilitator ~ Mentor ~ Intuitive Tarot Reader ~  Podcaster ~ Creator Stages of Self Methodology ~ Founder #courage1000project  ~

What I really want you to know about me:

  • I am obsessed with finding deeper meaning and purpose in the patterns and cycles of our lives
  • I believe the world will be changed for the better when woman learn to embrace the depth of their emotions instead of suppressing them
  • I adore exploring the realms of intuition, psychology, and mysticism and expressing this through poetry, writing, and intuitive tarot reading.
  • My mission is to provide education, community, and guidance to women who support other women so they may create a positive impact in their own lives and others

My thinking face hahaaha

Yes. I can help women learn to embrace their own feminine self so they can confidently support others in life, family, career and/or business… but not because I studied it from a book.

Yes. I am able to teach, mentor and support these women with empathy, wisdom, and strength…. but not because I was taught how.

I lived it.
I learned it.
I earned it.

You see, it was through my own journey and my own insatiable need to create a positive impact in my daughter’s life that I discovered a unique ‘formula’, that every single woman goes through on their journey to feminine self-acceptance and empowerment.

Filter fun with the munchkin

It became my mission to show every woman that…


And the first step on this mission is the amazing group of women (who I am honored to call my #dyamladies) who join me every week to help each other find their way to true feminine self-empowerment.

We believe you can be inspired without being ‘off this planet.’
We believe you can work on yourself without shaming your past.
We believe you can be supported by other women without being in competition with them.

It is a place for women who are busy working on themselves, for themselves, (and sometimes by themselves) and are ready to find the community to take this journey further.

And just because I love it, here is my own little office jungle.