The community for women taking control of their lives… the feminine way.




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I know becoming a strong SELF-empowered woman who ‘does not tip toe’ through life can feel a bit daunting at times. And taking those first steps can be really scary as you firmly tell the world

“This is who I am, this is how I feel and this is what I want. I will not tiptoe around it anymore!”

But with a little bit of support, encouragement & connection from other women on the same journey, you can:

  • overcome your fears
  • cultivate self-forgiveness
  • activate your self-belief
  • deepen your intuition
  • and create magic in your life

You CAN become a woman who ‘does not tiptoe’.

Hello Hello

I’m Melly, founder of MellyS The Story Collector & the #courage1000project and creator of the #1 Best-Selling women’s emotional intelligence methodology, #StagesofSelf.

I am on a mission to normalise the emotional cycles bright, sensitive, creative and spiritual women experience so they can stop tip-toeing through life and take courageous action instead. In short, so they can take control of their lives… the feminine way.

The thing is, learning how to move through our emotional cycles so we can gain that control is rarely pretty. It can be raw, overwhelming and downright uncomfortable. But that does not mean the process of our emotions is wrong!

This community is a safe and supportive place for all women who are taking control of their emotions, and in turn their lives. A place where your triumphs, defeats and inner workings are safe to be expressed and will be met with maturity and respect.

This is a space where we honour the strength it takes to be soft. Where we honour what it means to be a woman who is ready to…

Stop saying this… and much more of this!

“She does not tiptoe around what it means to be a woman.
She does not tiptoe around her freedom, connection or desire.
She does not tiptoe around her emotions, depth or power.
She does not tiptoe around her vulnerabilities, fears or intuition.
For she has become a woman who knows herself and a woman who knows herself… SHE DOES NOT TIP TOE.”
– MellyS The Story Collector

What you can expect…

  • Weekly Live Energy Updates to help you stop doubting what’s going on in your head and heart by knowing what’s influencing you ‘up there’ in the cosmos.
  • Free Personalised One Card Readings to give you specific advice about YOUR experiences for the week ahead.
  • Daily Journal Prompts to help you stay focused on becoming a self-empowered woman in control of her life
  • Special Offers to assist you as you step into your power
  • Exclusive posts & videos focused on all things mindset, spirituality and personal growth.

You will be greeted with…

Maturity & Integrity

The women in our community are different to others. We are mature enough to know that growth is a process and that we must hold ourselves accountable to this.

A Shift in Perspective

Sometimes the right question at the right time has the power to change everything. We love deep questions that help our minds and perspectives expand.

Strength in Softness

We know that it takes strength to be soft and value vulnerability highly. This is your safe space to express your real, raw and unapologetic truth without judgement or persecution.

Are you ready to become a women who does not tip toe through life?