Melly’s keynotes and presentations are thought-provoking, impactful and very relevant to women who are ignoring their own needs due to the endless juggle of family, business, career and modern life.


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Melly Stewart is a Women’s Personal and Business Development Author, Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator & Mentor, Intuitive Tarot Reader, and Award Winning Nature Photographer. She is the creator of Stages of Self Methodology, and as a self-proclaimed Story Collector, hosts the #stagesofself WebTV & Podcast and the #courage1000project WebTV & Podcast Global Platforms.

Influenced by the research of Brene Brown and written works of Elizabeth Gilbert, Melly Stewart has used her 10+ years experience in Photography/Videography, 15+ years in the entrepreneurial space and 18 years experience in various forms of Customer Service (along with her highly intuitive and curious nature) to develop a creative and unique methodology to help modern women find their own way to self-empowerment. 

Her mission is to provide education, community and guidance to spiritually minded women who are ignoring their own needs due to the pressures of everyday life. She helps them solve this through her three step process of Self-Awareness, Radical Self Love and Courage and in turn shows that, Personal or Business… it all starts with you.

keynote presentation

Melly’s keynote presentation, titled Stages of Self: A Woman’s Path to Self-Empowerment, will take your audience through the struggles and pressures of being a woman in today’s society and the creative, yet thought-provoking, journey they must embark on to reclaim their lives. 

Speaking topics include:

  • Self-esteem and confidence
  • Self-love and boundaries
  • Emotional Suppression
  • Self-worth and self-belief
  • Finding meaning and purpose in our lives
  • The epidemic of self-medicating mothers
  • And many many more.

To discuss your keynote and presentation needs for your conference, event or online summit, please book in a time to chat with Melly.