“Sometimes all you need is a different perspective to truly see who you are, and then, you can move forward and live your purpose with confidence.”
– MellyS



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Sometimes you get stuck in a particular part of the story you are living, and you need a new perspective in order see the whole picture. It’s not always east to step back and witness your own life from this bigger perspective, but when you do…

  • You find direction and flow in life/business again
  • You become confident in the way your story has been playing out and the bigger reason behind it
  • You gain massive clarity about who you are and what you are here to do

tarot & astrology readING 

90 Minute Session | Recording of Session | 6 Page Written Report | $110AUD 

During our 90 minutes together, we will explore the personalised laws/affirmations that govern your life, your life purpose according to the stars and then what you need to do enhance this unique element within you. But our time together doesn’t end there. We conclude our session with a My Life Story Tarot Reading looking at the pain/wounds you have experienced and how you can use this to move forward in life towards your own self-empowerment.

Bookings currently available.

Thank you sooo very much. I appreciated the intuitive puzzle pieces that came together the more I shared with you. I’m so grateful for the zoom recording and written presentation that I can reflect on to support me into the future.

@Jules, 2020