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It’s time to fall in love with you




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We get to a point in life where we draw a line and say ‘ENOUGH! Stop telling me who to be and how to be it. I want to be the real me!’ And it’s in that moment we instinctively know it’s time.

Time to view the world differently to what we’ve been taught.

Time to leave behind concepts of right and wrong about ourselves.

Time to enter a space where we can find safety to explore who we really are.

When we make this statement to the universe, something magical happens.

We begin to grow and expand into our most authentic self. We begin to uncover and design a self that we fall deeply and madly in love with. It’s not about changing who we are, but discarding who we are not.

And getting there doesn’t mean sitting in a Yogi pose for hours on end, humming mantras with flowers in our hair. (Unless that’s your thing and in that case #youdoyou gorgeous woman!)

Falling in love with our self is a very grounded and non ‘woo-woo’ thing. It means becoming acutely aware of how we have been influenced, and continue to be influenced, by our surroundings. It means knowing beyond doubt that in order to control our lives, we must first accept ourselves and work in alignment with our truest nature. No shame or guilt here!

It’s about learning how to:

  • move with the influence of our surroundings
  • unlearn the things we’ve been taught to be sorry about
  • discarding who we are not
  • accept who we truly are
  • be responsible for our emotions
  • uncover a self we are proud to be

It’s time to fall in love with you.

Here is what you get within the Awakening group mentoring:

  • Detailed Mentoring into the nuances of your own Stages of Self including Duty vs Love, Awakening Fearless Pleasure, Deepening Intuition and so much more
  • Member Spotlights with live mentoring support with a member of the community to inspire you to fall even deeper in love with yourself
  • Expert Guests who share their lived stories, experiences and wisdom that will help you connect to what is missing (or needs to be released)
  • Content Library sorted into easily accessible topics of all previous Spotlights and Experts so you can find the answers you need when you need them
  • Community of women, just like you, who are falling deeply and madly in love with who they are

This isn’t about being woo-woo and spiritually ‘off the planet’.
This is about bringing the depth of our feminine into our everyday life.
This is about living life in sacred honour of ourselves.
This is about you.

Why should you listen to what I have to say?

Why listen to this unknown woman who loves journaling, art & poetry, talking to her plants and is obsessed with finding a deeper pattern to the cycles in our lives?

Well in 2018, after spending many years ‘hustling’ for my goals and dreams, I found myself burned out, depressed, and grieving when a health crisis put my entire life on hold for well over a year.

But my story is not all doom and gloom. In fact it was a blessing in disguise.

This pause gifted me a new perspective on how to live. It gave me the courage to quit my old ways and an opportunity to start building a new life… a life that truly honoured who I was on the inside.

Twelve months later, I was a truly confident, emotionally healthy, empowered woman living in the flow of my feminine each and every day. And the best part? The more I honoured who I truly was, the more magical my life seemed to become.

  • Synchronicity and universal signs began to happen on an almost hourly basis
  • My emotions became a beautiful expression of who I was instead of a tidal wave of heartache and pain
  • I began to hear my intuition so clearly that journalling became a deeply sacred journey that flowed into inspired poetry
  • That poetry became a book that cracked #1 Amazon Best-Seller in 2 categories within 48 hours of release (and fulfilled a childhood dream of becoming a published author)
  • That book became a women’s emotional intelligence methodology unlike anything the world had ever seen before

Falling in love with me changed everything. From my relationships, to my parenting, to my business and to how I viewed the world. Life became more beautiful and easy.

And I wanted this for everyone!

With the knowledge of how amazing and magical life could be when you embody self-love, I became acutely aware of how many women were still stuck where I had been. Still living the same cycles on repeat even though their hearts were screaming out for true self-expression.

So I jumped headfirst into the personal development fields with my own unique #1 Best-selling Stages of Self Methodology, helping bright, sensitive, creative and spiritual women take control of their lives… the feminine way.

And Within: Falling in love with you, is the first step

So in short…

Detailed explorations into your Stages of Self
Weekly Member Spotlights
Expert Guests
Content Library

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