Confidence. Direction. Impact.

Personal or business…
it all starts with you.

So are you building your business
(or side hustle) with you in mind?



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“To create a lasting IMPACT in the lives of others, you have to be THAT woman boldly walking through life in the direction of her dreams. That’s the irony of business. In order to effectively help others, you’ve got to help yourself first.” – MellyS



Building a business in alignment with your purpose WHILE creating a positive impact in this world AND remaining true to yourself… it’s not about following a one size fits all formula. In fact it’s impossible! Why? Because it doesn’t start with business at all!

  • It comes from understanding who you are and what you gift to your clients.
  • It comes from developing your own unique philosophy and programs to share that gift.
  • It comes from building a sustainable foundation that suits your lifestyle, your goals and your purpose.


1:1 Support | 12 Months | 3 Day Startup Intensive | Weekly 90 Minute Online Sessions | Weekday Online Support | All access pass to programs and online courses | $777AUD per month (payment plans available)

Over our 12 months together we will build your business (or side hustle) on a sustainable foundation in alignment with your purpose, your gifts and your goals. All while developing or adding to your skills in:

  • Program Creation
  • Pricing
  • Speaking
  • Social Media
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Repurposing
  • Youtube
  • Podcasting
  • Blogging
  • Group Building
  • Email Lists
  • Online Course Creation
  • And much much more…
Currently taking applications for mentoring in 2021.