“There is a pattern that plays out in every woman’s life. A cycle that takes us through specific stages of self designed to help us find self-empowerment.”
– MellyS



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I see you…

Repeating the same cycles over and over again in life.
Feeling helpless, lost, confused with no clear direction on how to end it.
But still holding that flicker of hope in your heart, that the answer is out there… somewhere, just waiting for you to find it.

And you are right! There is an answer. But you won’t find it ‘out there’.

What you really need is:

  • A new perspective to help you understand who you are
  • An easy ‘language’ to use when expressing the, sometimes, indescribable feelings and emotions that keep you trapped in your cycles
  • A straightforward strategy that shows you how to move through these these cycles and patterns quickly and easily

Because the answer to ending your pain filled cycles isn’t ‘out there’… it starts with taking a step back toward yourself.

After spending years collecting stories through my business ventures, I began to witness a repeated pattern/cycle that played out in EVERY woman’s life. It was this cycle which became the inspiration for the creation of a methodology that would empower all women to end the cycles of dis-empowerment and pain embedded in their lives.

I’m MellyS (The Story Collector) and this is:

Stages of Self

Stages of Self Membership is a personal development online membership program for spiritually minded women. During the core modules, you will discover the 5 key personalities within you that influence how you show up in life, business, relationships, work, and parenting. Then every month you will dive even deeper and learn how to work with these personalities so you can:

  • Understand who you are and your behavior patterns
  • Build better relationships with your partner
  • Connect & strengthen your intuition
  • Develop stronger & more understanding mother/daughter relationships
  • Improve your health
  • Increase your finance opportunities
  • Understand your workplace dynamics
  • And much much more…


The program includes:

  • Video Module Librar each with actionable steps and downloads
  • Monthly Bonus Training with Guest interviews and more
  • Monthly Membership Access so you can go at your own pace and with no lock-in contract.
  • Weekly Live Group Mentoring Support so you get answers to your most pressing questions quickly
  • Supportive Community of like-minded women on the same journey as you

Are ready to take that step towards yourself and, once and for all, find your own self-empowerment?

Membership AUD $25 p/m

No lock-in contract. Cancel any time. No questions asked.