Helping bright, sensitive, creative and spiritual women take control of their lives… the feminine way



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When it comes to starting the process of taking control of your life, you need a way to uncover the answers you cannot see.

Whether it is something that has come up recently…

Or something you have been working on for years…

Tarot readings allow you to dive deep into many areas of life such as: Mindset, Career, Business, Relationships, Family and Spirituality. They help uncover the stories you tell yourself, reveal the cycles/patterns you are repeating and hear the guidance of your own inner wisdom. The cards don’t necessarily show you what will happen, but rather, give you an understanding of the situation so YOU can take control of YOUR actions. 

An amazing Tarot Reader will:

  • Help you find clarity and peace within
  • Create space for YOUR intuition to speak
  • Support you through the tough stuff
  • Hold no judgement of your situation or experiences
  • Be sincere in their desire to help you
  • Open to conversation and questions
  • Leave you feeling uplifted and energized

A reader like me!

Here is what you get with your Tarot Reading Session:

  • 60 Minute Session via phone or video to help you gain the clarity you are seeking
  • Session Recording made available afterwards so you can rewatch as many times as needed
  • Written Summary of your cards for fast reference in the future

These are not a one-sized fits all session but rather a highly personalised experience that helps you uncover the answers you cannot see.

But I know you have concerns…

“Can I really get answers in just 60 minutes?”

“Will this really work for me?”

“Is she really legit?”

I understand your hesitation. Gaining control of your life can feel a bit daunting, especially when those feelings of self-doubt, confusion, and overwhelm dig deep. But in a session with me, you will be gently activated to hear your own intuition and take control of your life once more. And as for being legit, that’s not up for me to decide. Here’s what others have said about their sessions:

So in short…
60 Minute Tarot Session + Session Recording +Written Summary