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PHONE: 0401 589 714
EMAIL: melly@mellys.com.au
ADDRESS: Brisbane QLD Australia
SOCIAL MEDIA: @mellysthestorycollector

Sick of feeling overwhelmed by life? Get your personalised insights and discover the 3 things you need to know to reclaim YOUR life today.


Melly Stewart
Author – Speaker – Trainer – Facilitator – Videographer – Award Winning Photographer – Host & Founder #courage1000project WebTV

Melly Stewart is an author, keynote speaker, trainer, facilitator, videographer, award winning photographer, entrepreneur and host & founder of the #courage1000project WebTV Show. Her mission is to help empathetic women reclaim their confidence, joy and purpose, both in business and in life, from a world that overwhelms their hearts, minds and souls.

“So many women have spent their lives numbing the constant pain they feel from the world around them and wearing a ‘mask’ just to cope with the ever increasing pressures of today’s society. Each and everyday we are losing more of our identity. How do I know? I was one of them.” – MellyS

Influenced by the research of Brene Brown and the spiritual knowledge of Louise Hay, Melly Stewart has used her 10 years experience in Photography/Videography, 15 years in the entrepreneurial space, 18 years experience in various forms of Customer Service and her highly intuitive and curious nature to develop a unique perspective when it comes to understanding people and their heart stories. It is because of this she is known as The Story Collector.

Through a childhood of struggling to understand why she constantly felt others emotions, to a profound experience with death, the life changing joy that comes with birth, to coping with the societal pressures of motherhood. Melly’s story culminates in what she refers to as her ‘Year of Red’; the year life and death met forcing her to finally acknowledge a lifelong struggle with her identity. She shares how finding the courage to fully accept herself ultimately changed her entire life and business.

Upon sharing her story with others, she was frequently referred to as inspirational and courageous and had many women reaching out to her, asking what she had done to reclaim her life. It was through this reflection that she discovered the 3 key pillars of her journey that could be used to help other deep feeling women: Courage, Self-Awareness & Radical Self Love.

Melly’s many services, including personal development workshops, programs and mentoring, have been created to provide support, clarity and guidance to these women and are based on her 3 pillars. She shares this information freely in her keynote presentations, The 7 Secret Truths About Courage, in which she draws on her own life experiences and those whom she has interviewed through her WebTV show, to help transform people’s time, money and lives.

She aspires to expand her research project, the #courage1000project, an interview series featuring real life stories from those who dared to reclaim their courage, into a global platform featuring books, conferences and a prime time TV show.

When not working, you will most likely find Melly tending to her garden, on a nature photography hike, dancing in the backyard or creatively expressing herself through art, poetry and writing.

Sick of feeling overwhelmed by life? Get your personalised insights and discover the 3 things you need to know to reclaim YOUR life today.