SHARING YOUR STORY CAN BE daunting and scary…

So how do you overcome this fear?

When you first see your magic, it can be daunting and scary to fully accept it and even scarier to start telling people about it. And while lots of people will give you advice to bypass your fears, the truth is this… you need a mentor.

You see…

It’s not enough to just ‘be brave’.
You need to acknowledge your fears.
You need to face them and their cause.

What you need is:

  • Direction on how to overcome them with ease and grace
  • A supportive mentor and community who can help you
  • A new perspective that takes you out of your fear and into your power
  • ….So you love yourself so strongly that no fear will ever hold you back.
I’m MellyS and I have been on this journey too. Let me help you on yours with the: This Is Me Academy 


You don’t need another step by step instructional process.

You need an individual approach that gives you the space to dive deeper into whats truly holding you back from speaking up.

You need a mentor who understands what you are going through and can give you feminine, spiritually aligned strategies that take you through the journey of Radical Self Love to Self-Acceptance.


What you get:
  • Weekly LIVE group mentoring sessions so you have a safe space and my attention to work through your fears with real conversations and real understanding
  • Training Module Videos to give you a step by step process of the various methods available to share your story.
  • Supportive Community of like-minded women who are all on the same journey as you and are ready to support you to make an impact in this world
  • No lock in contract – cancel anytime
And the best part is…


Not only will you have me by your side, guiding you every step of the way, but you also have an amazingly supportive community of women who are on the exact same journey as you.

BUT… you shouldn’t join the Academy if….

  • You are not passionate about your personal growth journey
  • You are unwilling to face your fears in order to better yourself
  • You are not open to new ideas and ways of seeing things

Monthly Payments $99 AUD