So how do you work out exactly what it is?

When you’re still trying to figure it out, you don’t need a hundred people giving you different answers and opinions… you need a mentor.

You see…

It’s not enough to just be told what your magic is.
You need to see it with your own eyes.
You need to feel it.

What you need is:

  • Direction on where to look for answers
  • A helping hand to guide you through any confusion
  • A new perspective that takes you out of your head and into your heart
  • ….So you are empowered to discover it for yourself.
This is where I can help.
I’m MellyS and this is: Finding My Magic

A very unique group mentoring program where you will receive:

  • Step by step video instructions to help you understand how to use the tools available to you that will give you answers… FAST!
  • Twice a month LIVE group coaching calls so you get to ask for help with the things that are leaving questions in your mind
  • Feminine, spiritually aligned strategies and techniques to assist in your understanding of the answers you are discovering

Now this program isn’t for everyone… but it is for you if:

  • You are ready to see a new perspective about your life
  • You are ready to stop wasting time and money trying to figure it out on your own
  • You are looking for community and mentoring support at an affordable price
  • You are ready to be aligned with your life purpose so you can make an impact in this world

The Finding My Magic program is highly hands on and interactive and will give you answers to the big questions of life: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose?


The program includes:

  • 12 Step by step video modules including worksheets and action steps that will empower you to discover your own magic by yourself
  • Twice monthly group mentoring sessions so you get the attention you need while having the actual conversations you need to answer your questions
  • Supportive Community of like-minded women who are all on the same journey as you and are ready to support you to embrace all of who you are

BUT… you shouldn’t do this program if….

  • You are not passionate about your personal growth journey
  • You are comfortable with the life you are currently living
  • You are unwilling to dive deeper into your sense of self
  • You are not open to new ideas and ways of seeing things

Outright Payment $333 AUD
3 x Monthly Installments of $111 AUD

Here’s how it goes:
  • MODULE 1: Your Natural Talents
    We look at the things that come naturally and easily for you that will play a huge part in living your life purpose
  • MODULE 2: Your Joy-Spot
    Our femininity is deeply woven into what brings us joy and we explore how this plays a vital role in not just who we are, but also in supporting our purpose
  • MODULE 3: What Others Want From Me
    What impact are you meant to be having in the world? We get clear on what the world wants from you and how you have been unconsciously doing this your entire life
  • MODULE 4: My Passionate Heart
    There is a key driving force behind everything we do, our passionate hearts. We look at the driving force that propels us forward towards our purpose.
  • MODULE 5: My Special Magic
    The big question is answered: HOW do I make this impact? We dive deep into the unique ‘magic’ you bring to your life purpose.
  • MODULE 6: The Bigger Picture
    It takes a unique perspective to see the whole picture but together, we analyse everything you have discovered so far and start putting the pieces of the puzzle together
  • MODULE 7: Embracing this Knowledge
    Now sometimes our self-doubt gets in the way of us embracing the truth of our purpose. We look at how to stay in the flow of your purpose by embracing the uniqueness of you.
  • MODULE 8: Remaining Committed Through Challenges
    How do we keep walking the path of our purpose when roadblocks and obstacles are placed in our way? Yup, we can even find the answers to this!
  • MODULE 9: Your Journey
    We look at your own life experiences, how they have helped shape you into the person you are today and how these relate to everything you have learned so far
  • MODULE 10: The Truth in Your Challenges
    We dive deeper into the most challenging areas of your life and how this is your greatest stepping stone to living your purpose.
  • MODULE 11: Confirmation Through Tarot
    We confirm everything you have learned so far by discovering your Soul and Life Purpose according to the traditional Tarot.
  • MODULE 12: Sharing Your Magic
    We finalise our modules with learning how to share the magic of who you are with the world.
And the best part is…


Not only will you have me by your side, guiding you every step of the way, but you also have an amazingly supportive community of women who are on the exact same journey as you.

Outright Payment $333 AUD
3 x Monthly Installments of $111 AUD