discover the 7 secret truths about courage at your next event


Ready to take the courageous step to reclaim your life and business? Get your FREE intuitive insights and discover the 3 personalised things YOU need to know to reclaim confidence, joy and purpose in YOUR life.


Discover the 7 Secret Truths About Courage at your next event….

  1. Courage and Bravery are NOT the same thing
  2. Courage can be found in the most unlikely of places
  3. Without intuition, courage is merely foolishness
  4. Courage is a love affair with the unknown
  5. Where there is courage; there is growth
  6. Courage must be exercised
  7. The greatest act of courage you will ever take….

Each person is entitled to receive a 30 minute FREE Reclaim Your Courage Insights Session (valued at $288.00)


Influenced by Brene Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert, Melly Stewart draws on her 10 years experience in Photography/Videography, 15 years in the entrepreneurial space, the research from her #courage1000project interview series and her own life experiences to show others how to have the courage to reclaim their confidence, joy and purpose in life, and business.

Upon sharing her story with others, she was frequently referred to as inspirational and courageous and had many women reaching out to her, asking for help. It was through deep reflection that she discovered the 3 key pillars of her own journey which could be used to help other empathetic women: Courage, Self-Awareness & Radical Self Love.

Melly’s many services, including personal & business development workshops and mentoring, have been created to provide support, clarity and guidance to these women and are based on the 3 pillars.

She shares her story and knowledge freely all over the country through keynote presentations titled: The 7 Secret Truths About Courage, and discusses how these apply to your audiences lives and businesses.

Melly Stewart is a breath of fresh air in a world that’s commercialised and glossy where you must be perfect to succeed. A world where you feel, well, less than perfect. Melly is authentic and genuine. She encourages you to BE YOURSELF because the authentic YOU is amazing!

@Kassandra, 2018

I attended Melly’s presentation at the Personal Development Expo on the Gold Coast, Qld and was impressed with Melly’s engaging style and presence. She knows how to bring stories to life and helped many of us in the audience to identify with our own story. Thanks Melly…it was a lot of fun.

@Maureen, 2017