Through these 5 short lessons, you learn how to make your business videos look awesome with my Tech Tips and then we dive deep into the biggest thing that is truly holding you back from speaking from the heart... YOU! You are amazing! What you have to say is important! Its damn time you believed it!


Who is it for?

Heart-centred Service-Based Entrepreneurs 

Yeah I know those words are a bit cliche these days so let’s break it down further. I love working with businesses who are a one, maybe two, man/woman ship and whose businesses are focused on helping and serving others.

Where does it happen?

Online or In Person

While I love working face to face with people in person, I understand this can be difficult to do when running your own business. Luckily technology is awesome and we have lots of online options to utilise.

What do we cover?

What we cover during your 1:1 Mentoring is based entirely on what your version of freedom looks like and how best to make this happen in line with your big vision goals. Every mentoring program is customised to suit you, your knowledge and expertise level and what you need to know to make things happen.

What does business freedom look like for you?

How does it work?

1. Free 30 Minute Unpack Call
2. Program Customised to Suit You

We start with a 30 minute Unpack Call where we unpack your truth and your story and chat about your big vision goals. From there we will forward you some options on how we can proceed working together. Each Mentoring program is customised to suit you and varies from 4 weeks to 12 months, with a mix of Intensive Days and Support Calls depending on your needs.

How much is it?

Starting from $1,000

Your 1:1 Mentoring program starts from $1,000 for a 4 week mentorship. Payment plans are available.

Why work with me?

For me, storytelling is a curiosity driven search to find the truth under the mask so many people wear in life. My love for the entrepreneurial journey has led me to merge this search for truth with assisting small businesses and entrepreneurs to find freedom and fulfilment through their truth, their story, and their big vision goals.

Being a multi-talented, multi-passionate, serial entrepreneur, my own journey to find freedom and fulfilment has seen me acquire a wealth of small business knowledge including Marketing, Social Media, Funnel Building, Automation, Video, Client Relationship Management, Website Design, Branding and much much more. Using this knowledge, I am able to give others the tools they need to accomplish their own goals and find freedom and enjoyment in the rollercoaster that is the entrepreneurial life. In helping you, I help myself.

I love inspiring people to speak their truth by collecting and sharing entrepreneurial stories of personal growth and in doing so, help others see the potential they have within themselves to find their own way to abundance. It is because of this I am known as, The Story Collector but really…

I’m so much more.

How do you get started?

Apply Below

Due to the intimate nature of this program I only take on a small number of 1:1 Mentoring clients per year. Please complete your details below, select the 1:1 Mentoring option from the drop down box and we will forward you a Questionnaire. Once your questionnaire has been received we will arrange a time that is convenient for your Unpack Call.