Why Stories?

Why share our stories? What is story telling? What the hell does it have to do with business? All that and more coming right up.


So I know you’re thinking it. Why should we share our stories?

To be blunt…. Because nothing else works to truly make an emotional connection with our people. Nothing else works!

What part of TV do you watch? Do you turn on the TV to watch the ads… or do you turn on the TV to watch the shows that tell a story?

How did you learn not to lie as a child?
You were probably told the story of Peter and The Wolf.

How do we make deep, heart felt friendships with others?
We share the stories of our lives until a conversation happens.

Stories are the basis for EVERYTHING we do. Heck we even got stories in Maths at school. ‘If Jane had a basket with 5 apples, and she gave one apple to Johnny… how many apples were left in Jane’s basket?’

But what does Story telling have to do with business? I mean its business. We’re in it to sell something and make an income right?

Let’s look at my families TV viewing habits.

For years we have been watching The Big Bang Theory. Most nights of the week, we sit down to watch the next story of Penny, Sheldon and the gang and the antics they get up to. It doesn’t cost us anything to do this. The producers aren’t making money from us sitting down to watch it.

BUT… we see merchandise, like Sheldon’s infamous FLASH shirt, and decide to buy that. And then we see a Batman figurine just like in that episode ……..

And then the TV execs change the time of night it is on and it’s on too late for my daughter to watch before bed. So we decide we would really love to watch the show when WE are ready to watch it, so we subscribe to Netflix so we can watch it at our leisure.

Guess where the producers and cast of The Big Bang Theory just made their money from me and my family?

You can apply this exact same principle to your own business.

Tell your stories that will connect with your people.
Let them come to know you, like you and trust you.
And THEN…. And ONLY then…. Let them know what offers you have available that could help them.

The formula is simple.
It is ALWAYS relevant.
It ALWAYS works.