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Why would you share that?!

'Why would you share that?' She PM'd me in horror. 'Your admitting something that makes you really vulnerable!' 'That's exactly why I'm sharing it.....'


‘Why would you share that?’ She PM’d me in horror.
‘Your admitting something that makes you really vulnerable!’

‘That’s exactly why I’m sharing it. If me sharing and owning the fact that my mental health isn’t always perfect but I make that commitment to myself to try each and everyday… if that inspires just one person to make that commitment to themselves as well… then in my opinion, it is well worth being vulnerable.’

The reply: ?

You see not everyone is going to get it.
Not everyone is going to see the bravery behind being vulnerable.
Not everyone is going to appreciate the strength it takes to lower your mask and show people who you really are.

But those who do…. they are your people   

And what was the post that started all this?



On the first January 2018 I made a commitment to myself. My mental health would come first. No matter what was happening in my life, what was happening around me… I would make the choice to give my mental health priority.

You see I have spent most of my life plagued with bouts of depression, insecurity and of course, anxiety. And on that day in 2018 I made a promise to myself. ‘No more.’

What unfolded throughout that year has changed my life.

I found the comfort in silence. 
I found the peace in meditation.
I found the joy in going with the flow.
I found my faith in the universe.
I found myself.

And trust me, with the year that I had, those things were not easy to find… but if I’m being brutally honest… finding them was easy in comparison to holding onto them.

So here I am again. Making this pledge to myself.


I promise to lay under the stars whenever I feel alone and remember just how connected to those shiny diamonds hanging above me I truly am.

I promise to sit in silence daily, with hand on my heart, and thank myself for all that I am while listening to that quiet voice within.

I promise to walk amongst nature when I feel empty, unseen and unheard and release the weight of the world from my shoulders with each and every step.

I promise to dance, sing, laugh and play. I will willingly and openly express the joy within my soul and when that joy begins to wain….

I promise to reach out to those who can help me find it again.

I promise to not hold back. I will express my feelings and thoughts as they happen and in every situation and allow these moments to heal me and the people I am with.

I promise to allow my tears to flow freely, whether they be tears of joy, sadness or anger and I promise to never wipe them away or hide them from the world.

I promise to never ever EVER apologise for needing to do these things.

I promise to put me first.

I promise to love me